Every 3 minutes, someone dies from cardiovascular disease and approximately 7.6 million people in the UK live with a heart or circulatory disease. However, research on these diseases tend to be underfunded and overlooked.

A cardiovascular disease is a term used to describe any disease that affects the heart or blood vessels.

British Heart foundation aims to lower these statistics by funding research to cure such diseases. They have been working hard for approximately 6 decades across the UK to fund heart transplant and pacemakers, through donations and fundraising through events. Heart transplants are incredibly hard to complete due to its high cost, and the lack of available donors so any money donations to research charities specializing in cardiovascular disease can help fund researchers to find other cures.

British Heart Foundation funds these researched through these donations (whether that be clothing, furniture or money) and fundraising events, a high percentage of the profits made from these events are donated straight to further research on the topic. Simply donating a bag of old clothes can make a difference, or researching the risk factors to raise awareness of the potential risks that certain activities can have on your overall health.

Without the help of the public, it would all be impossible. So they need the support of the general public (people like you and I) to help them make a significant change in reducing the number of lives being taken by cardiovascular disease in our country every day.