In the family sitcom Modern Family, which aired from September 23rd, 2009, to April 8th, 2020, Claire Dunphy is the mother of the Dunphy household. Without her the Dunphy family, consisting of Claire, Phil, Luke, Alex and Hayley, would be in complete pandemonium. 


In Season 2: Episode 4 she says, “Sometimes I think it's my job to make sure you guys don't fall flat on your faces.” A quote which more or less encompasses Claires role as a mother and character in Modern Family. Her story line represents what life is like for a lot of mothers; your whole life becomes centred around your children and that representation is not only important but insightful to those whose life is nothing like hers. 


We are also exposed to the often-turbulent relationships girls have with their mothers through Claire and her own mother. DeDe, Claire’s mother, was often very critical of Claire just as Claire often was to Hayley. DeDe also victimised herself often. The example that comes to mind would be DeDe turning up to Lily’s birthday party with her new boyfriend, Claire's ex.  She then accuses Claire of “swooping in” to try and win him back when Claire confronts them both. As the scene unfolds, we see Claire rant at her mother for “being difficult” and clearly feelings that had built up over the years were spilling out. 


In season 5 we see her take over Pritchett's closets and blinds, her father's business. After having children and not working for many years. Women often have to, or are expected to, give up on dreams of their own when they have children and seeing Claire have a big career, later becoming a senior VP at Organise em’, is something many women of a similar lifestyle to her can't fulfil and can even be inspiring to them. Even when she runs for city council, she has to combat rumours that she's a “bored housewife" as that is the brush women with children are painted with when they want to be influential and take part in big roles. Agendas like this are why women are often paid less than men and why the pay gap exists, all themes we manage to explore through Claire's character. 


The reason why I defend Claire in this article is because of the way she is perceived by many, she is often the least favourite character in the series, with many articles calling her controlling, arrogant, abrasive and hostile. But due to the reasons presented to you in this article I believe, she is an unsung hero. Being the husband to a “laid-back” husband that is incapable of looking after the children by himself or doing tasks around the house and her turbulent relationship with her mother, Claire dunphy is a realistic character with realistic reactions and character traits. Someone all of us can see a part of ourselves in.