On the 24th of September 2023 the annual Stonor Park autumn meeting of classics, sports and supercars was hosted at its magnificent setting, a grand manor house in Oxfordshire. On this sunny day a collection of incredible cars of all different types congregated down the usually empty country lanes of Henley-on-Thames and flooded into the expanse of the Stonor Park front garden creating a spectacle for both lovers and haters of cars alike. Accompanied by a number of food trucks, a large speaker system stretching around the complex and a handful of car enthusiasts talking everything cars over the speakers the day was set.

Despite the potential for damage that lay in the combination of pothole ridden country lanes surrounding the house and Ferraris so low your almost sitting on the ground when driving them all cars looked immaculate; particularly fan favourite an old Volkswagen truck transformed into Mater from the film series “Cars” complete with eyes and toothy grin to bring together the whole look. For car lovers looking for cars other than cartoon characters Stonor did not disappoint, there was undoubtedly the biggest collection of Porsche 911s I have ever seen, 2 Lamborghini count aches, an Aston Martin db5, Ferrari Dino and my personal favourite a Ferrari Daytona. For those non car lovers the price of the Daytona is equivalent to over 100 Ford Fiestas.

The array of food options proved incredibly popular, I opted for a pulled pork bowl which was nearly as good as the Ferrari Daytona however, it seemed the highlight of many people’s day came from the team of photographers situated at the exit that took the liberty of providing a special moment for many. Situated at the exit this team of photographers would take photos of the cars leaving irrespective of the quality or type of the car; fiat 500s were thrusted into 5 seconds of feeling what its like to be a Porsche and their drivers were able to live that racer moment they’ve been dreaming of. A wonderful event.