An Eltham nursery has been upgraded from inadequate to good after its most recent Ofsted inspection.

Ofsted visited Bright Clouds Nursery, based in Balder Rise, on September 4, 2023 and evaluated it as good in every area: Leadership and management, personal development, behaviour and attitudes and quality of education.

Prior to this inspection, Bright Clouds Nursery was last inspected on March 8, 2023 where it was rated as inadequate in every area.

The main issues outlined by Ofsted in that report were breaches of safety requirements, poor hygiene practice and a curriculum not broad enough to help children learn.

Inspectors described staff as “warm and caring” and found that they build positive relationships with children.

Children showed Ofsted that they feel “happy and secure”.

They were found to develop their independence at Bright Clouds Nursery because staff encourage them to do things for themselves.

Ofsted reported that children are taught how to look after their bodies and stay healthy, for example, the nursery has a “snuffle station” to get tissues, wipe their noses and then put the tissues in the bin.

Inspectors found that children show respect for their friends, take turns and share with each other.

Manager of the nursery was found by Ofsted to be committed to providing an “effective service”.

They added that “she works effectively with local supervisors to update her knowledge, and that of her staff team.

“This has helped her to address identified areas for improvement.”

For example, staff are now deployed more effectively and the manager was found to have a better understanding of recruitment and induction.

Staff were found to teach effectively, for example, physically getting on the children’s level to talk to them.

However, Ofsted reported that “very occasionally, some staff do not adapt their teaching or interact with the children well enough to help them fully engage in activities.”

Inspectors also found that staff share what is going on with children’s learning with parents, helping to address any potential gaps in their learning at an early stage.

Ofsted reported that the introduction of a “calm area where they can talk about and manage their emotions.

The News Shopper has contacted the nursery for a comment.