There are not many better places to spend the Halloween period than at Warner Brother Studios where the very things that make Halloween so special, magic, mythical creatures and mystery are brought to life. The Studio Tour is always a fantastic experience with an opportunity to have a butterbeer midway though or board the Hogwarts Express. Around Halloween it becomes even more magical and spooky.


The great dining hall that many children have always dreamed of entering has pumpkins hanging from nearly every corner of the roof, while the remains of a Halloween feast line the great long tables. Not only is the magic of Harry Potter brought to life but also the magic of Halloween.


Later on as people wonder past beautiful costumes and impressive sets an eerie and spectacular death eater parade takes place. The death eaters, looking imperious in intricate silver masks and long black cloaks as they follow expert choreography which  further enhances the scariness and helps bring to life some of Harry Potter’s creepiest creatures. The effect is added to by the dementors skulking around Diagon alley, lurking in family photos and offering people to create wonderful Halloween photos.


Although not a specific Halloween edition, the Forbidden Forest comes into its own at Halloween. As families venture through the dark Forest, massive spiders jump out at them, petrifying everyone who has similar fears to Ron Weasley. The Warner Brother Studio tour is always an incredible experience but the magic present at Halloween is incomparable and unmissable. You would be missing out if you did not try it one Autumn.