If you have never yet enjoyed the delights of a Korean barbeque, you will be in for a treat. Arriving for a lunchtime meal at Jin Go Gae in New Malden, we were taken to our table through a bustling dark panelled low lit restaurant. The atmosphere is cheerful and buzzing with many tables of friends and family gatherings enjoying a Saturday get-together. Our waiter explained how a Korean BBQ works and then gave recommendations as to what to try. What then followed was a series of tasty starters; the classic Kim Chi which is fermented spicy cabbage (tastes so much better than it sounds!) accompanied by delightful squid and spring onion pancakes, dumplings and the lightest, freshest beansprout salad. Then came the main attraction, the drama of red hot coals brought to our table in a small cradle and expertly lowered into a small well in the middle of the table. With a griddle placed on top, our waiter proceeded to cook us beautifully marinaded beef fillets and chicken. These were eaten with a dipping sauce and bean sauce all wrapped into a lettuce leaf giving a superb flavour hit. Accompanied by Dol Bibim Bab, a lovely rice, vegetable and egg mix, this was a revelation of new flavours and fun. The waiter was extremely polite and helpful, happy to advise us first timers and bring whatever we needed. As we left feeling full and satisfied, a steady stream of more families were coming into what is clearly a well established popular local restaurant. So if you want to try something different with your friends, why not book a table for a Korean BBQ and enjoy the experience.