A place to relieve stress, get active and have fun with friends. This is the place for you. Purley Sports Club, a place to find your passion. 


2 years ago, I found myself as an unfit, unhappy and lonely child, hardly any interest in sport and any idea of any sort of exercise. The days went by slow and steady, each day making me feel worse about myself more and more. I couldn't take it anymore, to be the ugly, left out fat kid, so I decided to change things.


One day, I was walking back home from school and overheard a bunch of laughs, cheers and saw a shiny red object fly just 5 meters away from me. A cricket ball. Being my curious self, I peered over and found this haven. Purley Sports Club, where I found myself today. Over the past two years I have had one of the best journeys of my life, finding a sport I love, Cricket, and making a ton of new friends. Purley took me in and was a place I could forget everything and just be myself and have an amazing time. Countless memories I have made there and will continue to do so.


This wondrous place is not just for people my age but for everyone, having a range of activities such as cricket, tennis, squash and even a gym and bowls. I see people of all ages come to this place, going from children the age of 5 to 75 year old tennis players. It is truly a safe space where everyone is welcome and can have a great time with friends and family.


So, maybe if you're struggling with getting active, making friends or even have too much stress on your plate right now, I would strongly encourage you to just consider this place, not just because of my own experience but that of my friends and teammates at Purley. All being not in the slightest regretful in their decision to join this club, and maybe one day, you can find a home here as well, in this magical place which will surely be a place to bring thousands of memories to you and your family.