Imagine this, you begin to walk through a vast car park, the cool breeze rushing against your face and the wind whistling, as you feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin. Soon after you reach the summit, everything in sight, looking almost miniscule, hundreds of acres of land within your vision as you peer down this beautiful viewpoint. The vast array of trails, activities and adventures through this bustling landmark, all at your disposal. The catalyst for hundreds of wonderful memories or just another park? Allow me to help you with that decision, and share with you, my experience of this wonderful place.

To begin with, it was a Sunday afternoon, sunny but not hot, windy but not cold and not so busy that it was still peaceful. After a considerable amount of deliberation, me and my family finally decided to visit Box Hill. Arriving there I was greeted by the sound of hundreds of families, the sight of a beautiful view and acres of amazing hiking tracks. Starting off, I went down what felt a millennia of stairs down to the River Mole, where I had some of the best moments of that trip, seeing kids climb up the trees engulfing the river, picnics all around me and the serene stream of water under my feet as I walked over a small bridge. It was truly amazing.

Moving on, box hill is also home to a lot of wildlife and is a place for those who enjoy nature as well. The forest-like environment and hilly terrain provide the perfect habitat for many different species of a variety of animals. Birdwatchers, and maybe some insect lovers may have a great time here, especially as they trek through the woods and explore different trails. Along this 8 mile circular walk, many naturalists and wildlife will be able to discover a range of wildlife and explore this park’s vast biodiversity.

Trekking up the hilly terrain and after hours of your arduous journey you finally reach the summit, after going through thousands of different adventures and meeting many different experiences along the way you finally get to enjoy the amazing view and take a break among one of the greatest viewpoints and nature filled places ever seen.