Readers have shared their views on the possibility of a bakery opening in Romford town centre if plans are approved.

Designs for a "Dulce Bakery and Delicatessen" were proposed for 148 South Street, Romford, by applicant Tone Interiors Ltd. 

Hot food and bakery sections, a fresh storefront, signage, as well as electric sliding doors are included in the plans.

Last week The Recorder published a story about the plans, which have been submitted to Havering Council.

Since then readers have expressed their views on the proposal, which can be tracked using application code P1606.23.

Altaf Raja welcomed the move, adding: "Yes - why not? Better to have a shop then an empty shop.

"Whoever is running it I wish them luck in their new business venture."

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The shopfit plans were received on October 27 by the council and validated on the same day.

A decision date has been set to December 22.

Natasha Weldon joined Altaf in praising the potential opening.

"If its a deli too, selling cold meats, [and] cheeses then good," she said.

But not all were convinced.

"There are too many food shops," Russ Duke said. "Can't people come up with something different."

Peter Merison added: "Something is better than nothing, however, Romford is inundated with food shops and very little else."

Lorraine Jacobs agreed that variety was needed in the town, and called for a gluten free bakery.

"[A] gluten free bakery would be nice [as] I have celiac (sic) disease and there are not enough gluten free food shops around," she said.

Nicola Rae also said that gluten free options would be welcome and would encourage her to visit the business.

"Will it offer gluten free?" she asked. "Because if so - yes."

A charity shop was listed as the last use of this building, currently vacant, according to the application form.