The cult of brunch enthusiasts is growing. They wander the streets of London, curious to discover the perfectly constructed avocado toast and matcha latte. To guide such consumers, it was my duty to go to brunch! With the influence of social media, food trends typically fluctuate faster than the time it takes to place an order at restaurant, yet this art known as ‘Brunch’ is here to stay.  

For a special occasion:  

Although it is uncommon to opt for a brunch rather than a dinner for special events, it would be wrong not to suggest the Wolseley for a truly memorable experience. The morning is magical from the moment of entry. Located in Green Park, the essence of the restaurant encapsulates the quality of the experience. My recommendation would have to be the French toast, consisting of two pieces of soft brioche bread, fresh berries and a raspberry coolant drizzled on top. This hits hard on the tastebuds- as hard hitting as the prices. If you want to play it safe, another order is the beautifully fluffy pancakes or the eggs Florentine. If you are willing to have a pricey day, take a trip into central London for a faultless brunch which will leave you full, but with your mouth watering for hours to follow.  

Taste: 8.5/10 Service: 10/10 Menu: 9/10 Atmosphere: 9.5/10 Overall: 9.25/10 

Needs recognition:  

The perfect brunch: particularly warm and friendly staff, gorgeous food, and impeccably efficient service. At Sunday Bellevue, located between Hampstead and Belsize Park this ideal brunch is found. I am simply unable to name the greatest meal on the menu because excellence is just plentiful. Every dish is of a breath-taking standard and combines authentic brunch meals with an artistic and creative twist. Half portions are offered, providing each customer with the opportunity to indulge in as many experiences as possible. The only disadvantage of brunching here is the mundane scenery, but you’ll quickly be too focussed on the food to even notice. Sadly, Sunday Bellevue is closing in January of 2024 so make sure to book and go soon before it’s too late!  

Taste: 11/10 Service: 10/10 Menu: 10/10 Atmosphere: 8/10 Overall: 9.75/10  

A great ‘to go’: 

It wouldn’t be fair to give a guide on brunch without the infamous Greenbury. The only brunch in London where scenery, service and savour are all top quality. Always fully booked weeks in advance, Greenbury is the ideal brunch location. Two menus are available: a weekday and weekend brunch, both consisting of over ten egg options including a poached egg waffle dish, Shakshuka and all the classic egg on toasts. The food is reasonably priced, with most dishes ranging from £5-10 meaning you can try the American style pancakes, granola, and tofu bowl all in one sitting and spend as much as you would with one meal in a typical restaurant. Greenbury is an all-rounder!  

Taste: 9/10 Service: 9/10 Menu: 10/10 Atmosphere: 10/10 Overall: 9.5/10