A sea of lights illuminated the streets of London with every step taken illustrating a step forward for new discoveries for cancer research.

On the 21st September, thousands of heroes from all over England gathered in Battersea park ready to walk 14miles (which is approximately 2000 London buses lined back to back) This annual event raises almost millions each year for cancer whether volunteers want to run, walk or have a stroll its accessible to all,every penny they raised makes a difference. 

Members of our local community took part in this walk,Silvia Busatti and a group of friends were a mere fraction of all those that took part. Silvia alone raised about £300 with the support of friends and family.She tells us that “I arrived home home at almost 3am,I went straight to bed, my feet were still pounding when I woke up but I took pride in what I had accomplished,I walked for those close to me who fought cancer including my neighbour and friend Debbie and my mother.It was such an experience which I’ll do it next year too, hopefully in a quicker time.” 

This event really brought huge communities together to take part of an indispensable cause. So many of these events not far from our community go unheard of or spoken of.As a community we will continue to support and take part to make a change so even more people will hear about these spectacular life changing events.