RAG week a week that raises money for charity and gets teenagers across all years laughing and involved in the absurdities the week holds.
Within our school Rosebery  the teachers and year 13 students have created an entire week dedicated for different activities to raise money for chosen charities. Each day has a different theme and different exciting events that encourage giving for the greater good.
For example on Monday sixth formers had to dress up as superhero’s teachers didn’t hesitate to get involved too.During lunch teachers went head to head with students in a tug of war. Students could buy tickets to go take part in these activities all money going to charity.  Each day was enjoyable arguably for all however Friday was the best day. A buzz of spirit in the air as all students across all years gathered in the hall to go watch the teachers dance and act on stage to well known films. As they dressed up in ridiculous costumes each department formed a team to dance to different songs from movies, the science department deep dived into the Disney tale of Ariel followed by the humanities with the bedazzled barbie reenactment. Spirits were high as the whole school gathered screaming and laughing cheering on teachers they saw only moments ago teaching them their courses. A final vote from the crowd claimed the teachers from barbie as the winners of this years RAG week champions. A student has said ‘It’s the highlight of the year , it makes our school unique to others’ and from an externals point of view it certainly does. Such a fun event with such good intentions getting everyone involved and allowing students to step away from their studies for a moment and come together as a school community.