Mental health is everything to both adults and children & it’s exceptionally important that people look after their mental health in many ways.

Some ways to manage mental health include things such as Exercise, spending time in nature (for example, going into the park for a walk, reading a book in the park, taking a dog on a fun, if you have one or even simply just playing a sport). As well as this, eating balanced diets improve both your mental and physical well-being. This stabilises your blood sugar levels and hormones! Eating a balanced meal has the ability to provide you with the energy needed to keep being active throughout the day.

Many people have discovered that meditation and mindfulness are the key to a peaceful mindset. Simple things like colouring can release endorphins, natural hormones, that improve mood and release stress. Meditation can help to ease the mind and help to connect the body to the soul. It is speculated that between 200-500 Million people worldwide meditate – leading to tranquility.

COVID 19 and Quarantine triggered over 25% increase in mental health struggles & since March 2020, approximately 1/3 of adults and younger people had to pave through mental issues such as anxiety, depression and much more.

Many people would impact from limiting their social media use especially since it’s a thorough issue worldwide and has been proved to deteriorate many people’s mental health issues that are happening right now. Even drawing while listening to music leaves a better outcome than constant screen use.

So in the future, make sure to keep social media use in mind and make sure to do some meditation and mindfulness next time your mind is in the wrong place!