What can we do to help the homeless?


Walking around any town or city in the UK, it is very likely that homelessness will be in abundance and along with this, anti-homeless architecture such as spiked benches , segmented benches, boulders under bridges and many more making it almost impossible for homeless people to find any kind of shelter or a place to sleep which is the absolute least anyone deserves; as we approach the colder months, existing as a homeless person becomes ever more difficult as weather conditions become worse. With an estimated number near 3,000 people sleeping rough on any one-night, plummeting temperatures can make nights dangerous and even fatal with 991 homeless people dying across Britain in the year 2021.This is clearly and always has been an issue that needs tackling, but what can we do individually to help people get through winter? Here are 5 tips:

. Contact the charity StreetLink, let StreetLink know the location the of person sleeping rough and volunteers will find them and provide them with support.

. Buy someone a warm meal or drink, despite this seeming like a small or temporary fix, one warm meal could help someone through the cold weather and make their day.

. Donate winter care packages to homelessness charities, warm coats, socks, hats, blankets and scarves that are clean and are in good condition that you no longer use can make all the difference in a person's life and help keep them warm and protected from climatic injuries. 

. Donate or purchase charity gifts, whilst simple presents may not seem like important things that will help people,Christmas without a home can be extremely difficult and a small gift can help make that time easier and happier.

. Donate your time and volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen, your time and effort is one of the most important things you can give, and your help will help homelessness charities reach out to more and more people.


I hope these tips help you to go and help make a difference in someone’s life and help keep our homeless warm and safe this winter.