The Humble charity shop a common staple amongst all local high streets, but what is so enticing about the charity shop. Local Shopper Sara Evini says it’s because they rehouse good quality clothing at a fair price in aid of a good cause.’ I think think thissentiment is supported by many of those who shop at charity shops. The fact you are paying a reduced price in honour of a good cause for pre-loved items seems a fair deal. Not only is shopping at a charity shop for a good cause but can also be a fashionable decision with many of the brands donated being high quality and carrying a high price tag. Frequent charity shopper Mr Laird says ‘ charity shops carry a variety of products from clothing to a furniture and from my perspective are always in relatively good condition.’ I believe that this high quality throughout their products is what attracts so many shopper’s daily. However I would think it fair to say that those who shop at charity shops face a stigma as in some communities it is seen as a bad thing to buy clothing,appliances etc from a charity shop. I believe we must challenge this stigma as it is a damaging sentiment as those with lower incomes can depend on these shops to buy their necessities. In conclusion why not pay your local charity shop after all, you’re supporting a good cause.