Located in Weybridge, Surrey, Brooklands Mercedes world is not only a great day out for formula one enthusiasts but the whole family. With three stories of activities, from racing simulators to short films on the history of Mercedes, Brooklands provides so many people with hours of enjoyment. 


The unique driving experiences allow you to drive on a handful of tracks, in a range of performance cars. The AMG range was designed to push the cars to their limits, which the driving experience definitely did. Whether you’re interested in the physics aspect of driving, or you simply enjoy reaching top speeds, the driving experience certainly is for everyone. 


Off the track, there’s a plethora of activities; a whole floor dedicated to racing simulators for aspiring f1 drivers and others alike. Being able to race in the car that Lewis Hamilton drove to victory in 2013 is a great experience for anyone. 


Even if you don’t have any knowledge of Formula One, Mercedes world still imparts lots of information about the current road cars. There’s a wide selection of motorcars, some produced as recently as 2023 and some dating back to the 1950s. 


And finally, there are a few activities pitched at the younger members of the family. For example, there is a very impressive Scalextric track which is perfect for children who are too young for the racing simulators or adults who want to be reminded of their childhood.