Tamil schools in London teach people the Sanskrit derived language of Tamil. Mainly children who are of Tamil heritage are sent to these schools by parents who want their children to learn their mother tongue. Tamils are predominantly from Tamil Nadu in South India and Sri Lanka. We now find Tamils all around the world, including in the UK.

In Tamil schools they teach people how to read, write and talk in Tamil. Normally children start from the age of 5 as it is easier to learn if you start learning it from a young age. All Tamil schools also accept people of different ages and ethnicities but not many people know about them. 

In Tamil schools they also celebrate festivities like Christmas and Pongal Vizha. Pongal Vizha is a Tamil Harvest festival. Tamil schools also have competitions where you compete within your class, examples of these are Thirukkural competition and memorising an extract from the textbooks given according to which class you are in.

They are just like regular schools because you stay in the same class throughout your years in the school and there are different year groups but they only happen once a week, mainly on weekends and for a few hours.

In Tamil schools, most students aim to do their GCSE and A level Tamil as it gives them more credit on their university applications. Tamil schools also allow students to take a break if they have their GCSE or A levels in their normal schools as doing their Tamil exams during that time might be stressful for the students.