TWAN is a community organisation which provides free legal advice and representation. It was originally created as a self help group for and by Tamil refugees 37 years ago. The executive director of TWAN is Vanchees Jana. 

It stands for Tamil Welfare Association (Newham). They are based in the town of Manor Park. They help by giving free legal advice, fine arts classes, elderly day center which provides free classes for the elderly. They also help reunite broken families. They help 15 families and individuals every day which proves how much of an impact it has to the Tamil Community of the UK. 

They also have taken big cases at the European Court of human rights on asylum matters. They have a few clients from the case of The Tamil Refugees On Diego Garcia. In this case the Tamil refugees are held against their will on Diego Garcia island with their only choice being going back to Sri Lanka. TWAN is trying to help these refugees  get safe passage to countries like England. The people who won their cases are in Rwanda, patiently waiting on a decision of where they are going to be sent. 

The big issues right now that TWAN handle are cost of living crisis, homelessness, mental health and family issues, homelessness. 

One example of how they helped their client was giving a homeless man who used to be a tailor a sewing machine to help him earn money and get back to work.

TWAN is accepting volunteers if anyone is interested. For more information go to