The sonnet 116 is often used at wedding poems as it is full of love and portrayed throughout the poem. Couples will use this sonnet at times during their wedding as it represents their vows that they make before tying the knot.

It was written by William Shakespeare ( a name known throughout the world of literature). He describes of what love is throughout his poem through the use of metaphors ‘it is the star’ and ‘love alters not’. The main theme of this poem is to show what true love is in the form of words, which is why it is so often used at weddings.

Nowadays, Sonnet 116 is being studied at schools all across England, for example Surbiton High school. It is truly a remarkable poem as it shows that love is unchanging and cannot be altered. Due to its fixed structure and defining what true love is throughout the sonnet, the messages that Shakespeare is trying to portray are clear, of what true love is supposed to be about.