The Surbiton hockey master plan is expected to finish in 2024 however it will change and improve the grounds significantly. These are the plans and how it will help. 

The plan improves the pitches, using a nicer water-based surface, so that a higher standard of hockey can be played here. Even though the new water-based surfaces are amazing, Surbiton has also introduced an entire new training pitch so you can warm up before the game with your team if the pitches are being used. They have also completed the improvement of the floodlights making them LED's. 

However they are still trying to complete the new car park which will increase the amount of people coming in and out and will also look nicer and be safer for pedestrians. They have also not completed the new clubhouse which will increase revenue and will also include squash courts a gym and just look more modern and nicer. The other thing which they are in progress in completing is new seating, currently they only have a few seats and when festivals happen many people are forced to stand causing it to get crowded. This new seating will help space out the crowd and allow more people to watch. 

Whilst this master plan will take time and has an expected finish of 2024 the benefits for the club and the grounds will be significant. It will overall help the club as it will improve revenue as more people would come and use facilities. It will also help as the level of hockey that will be able to be played here will have a big improvement. With the new changes and with the ones to come it will become an 'international level sporting facility in the heart of the community'. This change and master plan is for the better of the club and the community.