A teenager and his dad from Herne Hill have had their dreams come through with a train driver experience day with GTR.

Charlie Avery, 15, and dad Pete, became the first people to enjoy a train driver experience day with GTR after the pair won the prize in a charity auction.

The money raised from the auction will help four-year-old Teddy Litchen, who is battling a rare cancer that affects children, access lifesaving treatment.

Jim O'Donnell is GTR's train simulation manager and he gave the pair the taste of what it's like to drive a train.

Jim said: “It was a really positive day showing Charlie and Pete our train simulator at Hornsey depot, especially as they were both very interested in the railway.

“Pete explained that Charlie was passionate about working on the railway, so I contacted one of the senior instructors at the training school and he spent 10 minutes talking to Charlie about how to get into rail.

“It was also really nice that we could help support the charity work for Teddy, because it’s important to give back to the community.”

Charlie, who lives in London, said the experience was fantastic because it gave him a glimpse into a train driver’s day-to-day job.

Charlie said: “It was one of the best days of my life and was a great opportunity to go behind the scenes and see what it’s like to be a train driver.

“The cab simulator was fantastic, because it was so realistic, and the whole experience has definitely made me more determined to work in the railway.

“I’d also encourage people to keep donating to Teddy’s cause, because every penny will get him one step closer to the treatment he needs.”