Dozens of staff from Croydon Council’s housing department are expected to strike this week amid a dispute over a “botched restructure”.

Members of the GMB union will walk out on June 28 and June 29 and say changes to the department will affect the service they can provide to residents.

The union said the council is considering removing 26 posts from the department, which is equivalent to 18 redundancies. One member of staff, who has worked in the department for two years, said the situation has created a “hostile” working environment.

The employee, who asked not to be named, said: “I am striking primarily to support my colleagues who have been affected by the restructure but also about the conditions we are expected to work under.

“It has created a hostile environment to work in and you’re unsure about your future in Croydon.

“But it goes further than that, it will affect the service we can actually provide for people in Croydon in conjunction with an increase in council tax and a lack of budget. Our conditions are being hampered and it will have a negative impact borough-wide.

“I hope the restructure will actually be scrapped and there will be more funds to support housing in Croydon.”


The union is calling on Croydon Council to reconsider the restructure of the housing department and work with managers.

Organising Assistant at GMB Southern, Rachael Baylis, called it a “botched restructure” and said the changes will impact more than 100 members of staff who will see increased workloads with many having to reapply for their jobs.

She said: “It means less staff, less resources and more risks to safeguarding. There is going to be increased workloads and pressure for staff and a major increase in risk for service users. It also puts the council at greater risk of legal claims.”

GMB members at the authority voted with a 94 per cent majority in favour of the strike.

A spokesperson for Croydon Council said: “We are transforming our housing service to provide the best and most efficient service for our residents, whilst also needing to make our council financially sustainable for the future.

“The housing restructure has been open to a full, considered staff consultation process. Since the consultation period closed, we have met with Croydon GMB and colleagues to work through their concerns, so the regional decision for industrial action is disappointing.”