Located in the heart of London, Vogue House (positioned in Mayfair) returned it's annual '5 Day's of Beauty' event for the last time in the building before it's relocation this year. This event takes place each year in order to celebrate 5 trending brands that are currently hot on the market and educate beauty lovers on why their brand is making major headlines. This year Vogue magazine hosted a brilliantly excecuted event which highlighted Caudiale, Laura Mercier, Bio Sculpture, Sunday Riley and Chanticaille. I was lucky enough to attened the evening that represented Chanticaille and therefore learnt about how they use their brand to create sustainability and ecological benefits through their beauty brand.

Upon entry, you are met with kind staff and a row of stocked tables tht included light bites, water bottles and CBD-infused wellness drinks that are all included in the price of your ticket! Then the staff guided you toward the entrance of the room where there would be panel talks about the brand of the evening; on entry to the room there was a fantastic flower wall perfect for insta-worthy photo oppurtunities that you could spend time admiring. 

The panelled talk welcomed four speakers including a member of the Chanticaille family which meant us as attendees got the best insight about the brand. The room was layed out in rows of chairs that each had a gift bag worth £285 - crazy right?! It included skin care specific items and a few makup products, also containing a few products from the specific brnd of that nigh meaning you were able to test what you were learning about. Personally, the ticket was just worth purchasing for the gift bag as it had a range of products I had been eyeing up for a while - such a steal!

As for the panel talk - it included a background of the brand followed by how they source their products, what they want to achieve and their marketing stratergies. I found this very insightful as it allowed me to fully grasp the true individuality of each brand and make me aware of how good Chanticaille is for the earth. 

Chanticaille is a family established brand that worked together using botanicals and plant based ingredients due to their amazing natural healing abilities and skin-perfecting benefits. They also give back to wildlife charities that work to protect wild species and spaces. Moreover the panelists talked about the reasons they love the brand and the importance of the beauty industry.

Then, we were able to go and visit the experimental room lined with products from the brand to try out or have professional makeup artists put on you. At this tme, you were able to chat with the hosts of the evening and gain a deeper personal experience with the brand.

Overall, this event was a truly intuitive experience that allowed me as part of the beauty community to broaden my knowledge on what goes into forming a brand with a succesful selling point. Alongside gaining insider knowledge I got to experience a night out with others that shared my interests and also wanted to know more. In terms of excecution, Vogue did a fantastic job in welcoming us all and hosting a sophisticated yet exciting evening that left me feeling like a VIP ( of which I am very much not). It's safe to say I will definately be attending again and thank Vogue for allowing me to attend such a wonderful evening.