I think we can all agree that since the Pandemic, outdoor sports saw a monumental increase in participation rates in the UK. Sports such as Golf, Cricket, Tennis, and Fishing well and truly came back with a vengeance as soon as the green light was given. 

Angling in all forms is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing industries. So much so that we are now seeing more programs about fishing on terrestrial TV. As an Avid angler myself this piece is close to my heart, I sat down with Ali Hamidi, founder, and CEO of One More Cast fishing tackle, executive producer of ITV's  Grand Fishing Adventure, and formerly of Monster Carp and The Big Fish Off. We talk about his influence on the current Angling scene as well as his new venture into his new company.

Questions have been asked whether the pressure of his own company would be too much. Ali, formerly Head of Marketing at Korda Developments, one of the largest fishing tackle manufacturers in Europe for 16 years was an integral part of the media production at the company and could arguably be described as the face of the company. His tenacity and work rate has shone throughout the angling industry, his eagerness and early adopter mindset have most definitely set him apart from the rest.

Recently he has embarked on a new show alongside co-presenter Bobby Zamora former professional footballer. Before this, he worked tirelessly to produce Monster Carp alongside close colleagues at Korda this being the first show on TV solely about Carp fishing. The Grand Fishing Adventure showcases two friends globe trotting around the world in order to catch some of the largest specimens in fresh and salt water. It is mind-boggling to understand his ability to juggle the of running a start-up company, being a first-time father of a beautiful little girl alongside presenting shows for one of the biggest broadcasters in the world. When asked if he ever takes any time off, his response of ''that's not in my vocabulary anymore'' didn't shock me in the slightest. 

Since the formation of OMC, sacrifice has been no stranger to Ali as he has now been able to infiltrate the largest fishing retailer in the country as well as being able to break through into European regions and beyond. With his incredible pricing strategy, he has been able to come up with solutions to problems anglers have found at such a quality price compared to other competitors. With many believing his downfall would be imminent, watching the product wall get bigger over the last 18 months has definitely brought a smile to my face alongside many others.

The OMC family is only getting bigger as the reputation of the company continues to grow as new enterprises such as the ''Bait Mate'' and so many other new products are on the way out of OMC HQ. With backing from Ray Kelvin formely of Ted Baker, the future does certainly look bright!

If this piece has taught you anything, it's that no dream is too small and that being too old or young is not an excuse. Timing is everything in life and it's just when you think you are finished is when it's time to get started.