For the first time a new festival taking place on Saturday 27th May on Albany Road in Burgess Park, London is a one-day music festival! This festival puts extremely endearing focus on eclectic artists, and DJs, meant to inspire not only a growth in pop-culture in order to expand the horizon of the area but to inspire young musicians in the making it keep on well… making!

There is inspiration to be found with the revolutionary ways of sound, the techno sort of beats and the sincere dopamine it provides us with when were at our lowest. Which is why the NTS is presenting this as a one-day pill, in order to boos spirits as if tis a shot, a shot at fame that it!

So why not come visit the heart of south London to be one of the first ever groups to experience such a wonderful new experience? Bring friends or family or anyone to share in your delight, share in the delight of the community and even potentially make new friends yourself. Its always good to branch out, and this is a new opportunity to do just that, with the wonderingly wild sort of magic manipulating us to find new joy that is music, all music, live ad ready right there!