In Southbank centre London, known for its exceptional exhibitions and showcases of all sorts of art is Aladdin Sane’s 50 years exhibition centres on the one and only David Bowie! This is celebrating fifty years on from the release of David Bowie’s album and not only covers the creative process behind it and its iconic ‘lightning bold’ cover portrait by Brian Duffy but celebrates the legacy on pop culture Bowie left.

Need to know more? The website details the easy access youc an get! Simply a quicks search for more info. But its not all that complicated, just £% for admission and it takes place from 6th April-28th May so be sure to be quick to take the trip and give yourself the chance to experience this new event.

Though as it takes place in the Royal Festival Hall, members should be able to enter freely. However, thos culturally vivid evet also takes focus on the visual aspect in particular of Bowie’s creative journey, specificslly related to the cover mentioned beforehand with the iconic lightning bold painted across his face in a avidly bold red colour. This visual should mean you give his music a revisit before visiting, any of our older visitors will surely appreciate the experience!