The new Super Mario Bros. movie features the iconic Jack Black and Anya Taylor-Joy as Bowser and Princess Peach, respectively, and Chris Pratt as Mario. It was directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, with Mathew Fogel as screenwriter. 


Illumination (CEO Chris Meledandri) and Nintendo (CEO Shigeru Miyamoto) have collaborated on this new move which was released in North America in early April of this year. The Super Mario Bros movie is the first of its kind to be shown in cinemas. Two movie adaptations of Super Mario Bros. have been released in the past, in 1986 and 1993. However, this is the first CGI version to have hit the theatres. The story follows Mario on a quest to save his brother, Luigi,/ following being held prisoner by Bowser. The movie adaptation takes a different approach to the original game’s lore of Princess Peach being captured by Bowser and thus Mario attempting to rescue her. In the movie, Bowser is in love with Princess Peaches which leads to one of the star points in the movie: Bowser’s song ‘Peaches’, a popular moment among fans. 


This movie has gained 59% on the ‘Tomatometer’ on Rotten Tomatoes and a 96% on its audience score. Critics have said that this movie adaptation is a definite improvement from past versions. However, a common criticism certainly seems to be the emotionally underdeveloped and shallow plotline. Others have commented on the nostalgia of the movie and its suitability to watch as a family. 


Despite criticisms of the movie, the Super Mario Bros. Movie boast the largest movie of the year and exceeded a $1 billion box office upon its fourth weekend.