On June 24th, only a few months away is the upcoming concert for the Shining Light! It’s on a Saturday evening, 19:30 for any late wakers and in St Andrews Church, Surbiton, Maple Road. Come on online if you want to book a ticket to a fun summer concert, where the music is almost heaven-ly! And a great introduction to a nice midsummer evening.

For a preview on the performances, here’s the plan: Schubert Part songs, Luscious Settings by Samuel Barber. Then, there’s Morten Lauridsen of Sure on this shining night, linking right back to the enchanting Canticles of Light by Bob Chilcott. On the organa and piano there’s Gavin Roberts and conducting the fatally iconic performances is Andrew Griffiths! Like a moth to a flame, musical fans all over should take a quick trip by, no booking needed!

To enjoy the melodies of underrated artists, giving us a bright light sway to kick off a fun summer perfectly. There’s always time to enjoy music. And there should always be time for you to relax and enjoy yourself with easy to access events like this! So make sure to come down and give it a go, for only your sake really.