Have you ever heard of International dance day? Whether you have or have not, you cannot deny that this special day has not, and does not, recieve the amount of recognition it deserves. International dance day, also known as world dance day, is a day that is dedicated to celebrating the huge variety of dance styles from the numerous different cultures in our world, annually on 29/04. 

Our world has been blessed with a diverse range of cultures, and those cultures have blessed us with numerous dance styles. From hip- hop to ballet, and from contemporary to barathanatyam, world dance day celebrates it all. We should be grateful to be able to see these dance styles being performed, and also partaking in them too.

Sangavi Sivakaran, a Barathanatyam dancer, said, "World Dance Day holds a special place in my heart because it is a day that allows me to celebrate a fine art that I hold very dearly in my heart. Dance allows me to break free from any stress that I go through. It allows me to express my true feelings and also allows me to develop many different qualities which help to develop my personality as well. Dance also plays a huge role in my life as I have been dancing since the age of two due to my mother’s influence as a dance teacher. I also believe that it is important to stay in touch with our culture and our community and this fine art allows us to do that. Therefore this day is extremely important to me."

Similarly, another dancer, Mia Lakha, said, "I think that world dance day is a very exciting day. Being given the chance to express yourself through dance is such an important and special skill to have. World dance day grants an opportunity to share and celebrate different ways of doing so."

Of course, world dance day is not only for dancers to celebrate but for everyone to enjoy and partake in.

So, I hope you all had a wonderful international dance day on the 29th April this year.