When its starting to become more warmer, temperatures increase, but when the sun does come out, its like the whole country comes alive. People are out in the parks, having picnincs, playing sports, and soaking up the rays.

One of the best things about a sunny day in England is that it feels like a celebration. Everyone is so happy and friendly, and its like the whole country is in a good mood. You can see it in the way people dress. Suddenly, everyone is wearing bright colours and summer clothes, even if its not quite warm enough for shorts and flip-flops.

Of coarse, a sunny day in the UK, can be a great oppourtunity to visit a local beach or to visit some of your favourite places with family and friends. All in all, a sunny day in the UK is a wonderful thing. Its a reminder that summer is just around the corner, and that theres so much to look forward to.

However, were still in the Spring season of the year. Spring is a magical time in the UK. After a long, dark winter, the days start to get longer and the weather starts to get warmer. Suddenly, the parks and gardens are full of colour, with daffodils, tuilps, and cherry blossoms in full bloom. People are out and about, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air, and theres a sense of hope and renewal in the air. Spring is a wonderful time to appreciate the nature surrounding us.