The 2nd of May 2023 marks world tuna day. This is a day that celebrates the important roll of tuna in the oceans and global economy. Tuna is one of the most popular fish in the world and is consumed by millions of people every single day. 


The United Nations Assembly created world tuna day in 2016 as recognition of the important role of tuna in the world’s oceans and economy. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, tuna is one of the most valuable fish in the world, with an estimated value of around than $42 billion (£33 billion) per year.


World Tuna Day’s main goal is to raise awareness around the importance of sustainable tuna fishing and promotes the conservation of tuna around the world. Tuna is highly migratory and is found in oceans all around the world. However, in recent years the tuna population has been in decline. This is due to things like overfishing, climate change and habitat destruction.  


To celebrate world tuna day this year organisational and businesses are hosting events to spread awareness on sustainable tuna and fishing practices and the importance of tuna conservation. In addition, many restaurants and food companies are featuring tuna on their menus and promoting sustainable fishing practices.


According to the World Wildlife Fund, sustainable tuna fishing practices include using fishing methods that reduce bycatch, such as pole and line fishing, and using fishing gear that is less harmful to the environment. In addition, sustainable fishing practices involve setting catch limits that are based on scientific data and implementing measures to protect tuna spawning grounds and other important areas.


World Tuna Day is an important reminder that we need to protect and conserve the oceans and promotes sustainable fishing practices, so tuna is available for the future generations to come.