The Royal Opera House is often thought of as an expensive place to go to watch an extravagant display of culture and art. But in reality that is not the case.

While watching a performance at the Royal Opera House can be extortionate it doesn’t have to be. What not a lot of people know is that some tickets for a night of culture and entertainment is only £12 away. I have been to two performance paying for these £12 tickets, and while they are standing tickets you don’t seem to notice it as long as you’re enjoying the performance, and just because their cheap doesn’t mean they’re bad. The view from these seats is still amazing, and all of the action can be seen. It's an excellent way to spend an evening if you’re looking for something cheap yet classy to do in London.

Unfortunately more recently the institution has been struggling financially due to major cuts in funding post covid. The Royal Opera House struggled during covid as with all places involved in the arts. So, that combined with the Arts Council England having to significantly reduce funding in a time of inflation has had a huge impact on the theatre. For this reason, any money spent at the Royal Opera House is greatly appreciated, so if you have £12 to spare a great way to spend it would be to buy a ticket and support the arts.

In the past three months I have been to watch two ballet performances: Sleeping Beauty in February, and Cinderella in April. Both shows where a beautiful showcase of talent and art, it was interesting to watch the well know fairy tales told in a completely new medium. Between the powerful music, the stunning costumes, the beautiful set designs, and of course the breath-taking dancing make a captivating performance.

But of course its not just ballet that you can go to watch, the theatre has so much going on that there’s bound to be something for everyone. You could go for a behind the scenes tour if you’re interested in how the theatre works, or go for a high tea with your friends or family, attend a family workshop filled with activities for everyone, take a dance class, or even explore how LGBTQ+ individuals have shaped the Royal Opera House. Whatever you enjoy there’ll be something for you to do, and through doing to you will be helping to protect one of the nations most treasured institutions of art and culture.