Robyn: “I never had no intention of writing the book. I never had no intention, I never had no will, I never had no want.” 

This statement was quite a shock to me, for someone like Robyn Travis, an author to reveal how his 1st book (Prisoner to the Streets) wasn’t even written with any desire at first. 

Me: So, was there a will/motive for you to write the book? 

Robyn: “No. Whilst I was in prison I Jamacia, I read a book called Rick Warren: The Purpose Driven Life, explaining the purpose of people’s life. That’s where the idea from the book came; When I came back, I was asked by 5 different people to write a book. A lot of people think that it’s divine that I wrote this book; I never wanted to write a book. The purpose is being fulfilled when you see the fruition of the work, because it was God’s vision- it was never my vision, and a lot of people won’t understand that term because they’re not spiritual.” 

After mentioning the backstory behind the book, we proceeded to talk about his apperances and offers on TV channels. 

Robyn: “I've been on talk shows and rejected some too. BBC1, I've been on. Turned down GMTV 4 times because they wanted me to come as a ‘gang member’. London Tonight I've turned down because they wanted me to go on as a ‘gang member’. Any show I'm on, it's because I don’t want to come on as a ‘gang member’- but I come on as an author of a concept of philosophy called Prisoner to the Streets.” 

Despite having no intention of writing the book at first, Robyn Travis still pursued at making PttS. 

Robyn: “The reason why I wrote this is to breakdown the nonsense shows (like Top Boy) are talking about.” 

Me: Do you think these shows reinforce stereotypes? 

Robyn: “Yes; They reinforce stereotypes. I believe that middle-class filmmakers with the money to do the films don’t necessarily care about the story and they use all these rappers like Kano, who’re not straight up... and I'm not bragging, I'm explaining the mentality of dog-eat-dog. I am the streets, and you are the acting class, so why can you tell my story? You don’t have the stab wounds, you don’t have the scars, but you wanna talk on our subject? No judgement, but stop judging us!” 

Robyn: “It was the least interested book I'm in. It’s my past, and sadly had a massive effect on my mental health, so when I make the film, I won’t be talking about it. A few words here and there, and then that’ll be it.” 

Prisoner to the Street is an extremely insightful book, however, it is certain that the author is ready to put this book in the past, and create something new. After such an enightening interivew, I'll definitely be eager for any more of his works that get produced. Thank you for this interview!