Blackwall FC (@blackwallfc), a team built directly from the youth who have started this club in order to play the game they love. This team was founded in 2021 and have already set high standards by dominating in multiple matches and have been in multiple title races and have won the ILFL First division once already in only 2 seasons. They also hold regular training sessions on Thursdays to be at the peak of their game and dominate football matches. These training sessions contain a wide range of things such as discussions about previous matches and the players work together alongside FA qualified coaches to improve from their last game and win the next. Throughout the team of Blackwall there is a running theme of a drive to win amongst every player and every one of these players have a hunger and desire to keep on winning. Not only does this club play football but they partner up with Osmani Trust and volunteer in things such as charity events and this in turn brings a huge community feel amongst the players and the actual community itself which the Osmani Trust continue to try and support. 


In this season Blackwall showed tremendous courage and clawed their way to the top of the table, winning the league with the most wins and the highest goal difference whilst being 3 points clear outlining them as the clear winners. Moreover, this title win didn’t just show this teams athletic ability, but it showed the power of their togetherness which has been built in this team right from when it has been founded. In addition, the majority of this team being full of young players also reinforces that this club still has so much more to achieve and is yet to reach their full potential. 

This club also holds open training sessions like they have already done on Thursday 27th April on Stepney Green football pitch: this gives other people an opportunity to join this club and be a part of this exciting project: allowing young people to join and be a part of this journey. 

As a result, this clearly shows that Blackwall FC is a strong club ready to achieve all that comes in its way whilst still progressing as people like through helping Osmani Trust and is bettering the community.