Weybridge now introduces its new health and wellness centre, ‘Revive’. Revive is a fantastic centre which focuses on personalised care, both physically and mentally, tailored to your specific needs.

The innovative technology involved in the centre have huge health benefits: focusing on your specific mental and physical needs and creating an environment in which these needs can be tackled comfortably and enjoyably.

For example, the cryotherapy chamber, which involves exposing yourself to the freezing cold in an enclosed room. Despite how this may sound, the health benefits are innumerable: the cold can, in fact, combat a cold! This experience can be accompanied by music of your choice, creating an arctic-like disco experience!

The various treatments include a relaxing sauna, and a Novothor red light bed, which, like the cryotherapy chamber, can be accompanied by entertainment such as favourite Netflix show if you should wish, and you can even catch up on some work whilst soaking up the endless health benefits of the bed, which include reducing inflammation, relieving muscle and joint pain, improving blood circulation and even improving oral health. The centre is popular with athletes, many coming along to relieve their sporting injuries. The compression boot, for example, is invaluable for leg injuries, flushing away waste in your cells and relieving muscle soreness.

Visitors of the Revive centre have been greatly satisfied with the results, with 45-year-old Mark commenting ‘it makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed’ in reference to his experience in the cryotherapy chamber.

So, as you can see, Revive creates a welcoming atmosphere which allows visitors to enjoy a relaxing and repairing experience.