As many people know, King Charles is soon to be crowned, though to some it is a day off work or school, but for many, the coronation is an important day in British history. The coronation will take place on Saturday the 6th of May 2023. Coronations have been held at Westminster Abbey for over 950 years. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was the longest reigning monarch in history, having been crowned in 1952.

 Though the celebration will take place in Westminster Abbey in central London, many royalists across the country will be celebrating locally. My own local borough of Redbridge will include an array of celebratory events leading up to and on the day of the coronation.

Street parties like the ones seen in the celebration of the platinum jubilee will be held across the country. People can apply to host a street party on their local council’s website. All street parties must be tidied up afterwards and all waste generated must be recycled.

The Coronation Big Lunch will occur on Sunday the 7th of May and will encourage communities to come together, celebrate their connections and get to know each other better. “The Big Help Out” is part of the coronation’s celebrations and allows people to generally help their community whether it’s checking on the elderly or charity work.

I interviewed Trinity Catholic High school librarian, Nicola Anthony, on the importance of the coronation and she said, “ Whether you are a royalist or an anti-royalist, the Coronation of King Charles III is a significant, historical occasion. While largely symbolic, the event represents the continuity of the monarchy and its traditions – traditions that are centuries old. It is a chance for the nation to unite and celebrate with street parties and other activities. I believe it is important to acknowledge this occasion, which is why I have created a display of books about the Royal Family and the new King and decorated the library with bunting.”

The importance of the Coronation is often overlooked by younger generations, the last coronation was in 1952, crowning Queen Elizabeth II and dating her reign for the next 71 years. The length of her reign meant that many have lived a lifetime without experiencing the inauguration of a new monarch.

The Coronation is significant to the continuation of British culture and should be acknowledged by the younger generation in the same way that it is celebrated by older people, whether you support it or not, for Republicans and Royalists alike. It is a day for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives.