Exam season is back! The time of year where emotions are constantly rising due to students stressing for their exams. Students across England are counting down the days of when their first exam begins. Whether they are in year 6, year 10 or year 11. 

Exam season is notoriously known as the time of year, where countless tests are held. Students in years 6 and 11 are to have their first or last public exams throughout ks3-4. Many have been anxious about this time and are constantly worrying about the outcomes. These tests are known to shape their future or to determine it. 

Students all over the UK have been waiting for this moment as it is their step to get closer to their dreams. The cramming has begun for the procrastinators as they have finally felt the pressure. 

When asked about how they feel about exam season, Ms. Abdi, a teacher, said that she feels like exam season 'has an impact on children and can worsen their self-esteem' and it is 'worse when they don't know how to manage it'. As a teacher who 'once was a student' she can acknowledge their feelings. When asked what piece of advice would she give to students during exam season, she encourages them to 'break everything down into chunks' to avoid overwhelming themselves with work and to keep 'a revision timetable' and to not cram but when working go 'small and steady' to avoid having to learn large chunks of work in days.Overall the pressure is on and students constant fear of failure now rely on their tests results. A message to those doing their tests, good luck!