Since Battersea Power Station opened on 14 October 2022 to the public, it has been one of the largest tourist attractions in London with people around the country coming to enjoy the experience of the shopping centre and the magnificent view of London. One of the main attractions of the now decommissioned power station is Lift 109, which is an opportunity to travel to the top of one of the 4 chimneys, that stand 109 metres high, to experience the spectacular 360-degree view of the city. On a clear day you are able to see as far as Wembley stadium which is over 10 miles away.

Far below, on ground level, you can find delicious food stalls and a wide variety of restaurants, from Italian to Japanese to experience. There is also the opportunity to have a picnic beside the river Thames against a stunning backdrop, as well as child friendly areas to enjoy.  The incredible atmosphere and the greenery outside, packed with families on deckchairs having picnics together, you would know you were in the heart of London. The grade II listed building has stood proudly since it started operating on 1941 and as you stroll inside the shopping centre you are able to see some of the original parts of the plant.

Iconic films such as the Dark Knight and Superman III were filmed here, the brick walls perfect for sets, and film buffs will recognise the scenes from their Hollywood favourites. If you are not a shopaholic or a film buff, Battersea Power station still offers a great place to grab an ice cream and wonder through the development.

Overall, I believe that this place is very enjoyable for everyone and it is a great experience for the family. I rate it 5 stars.