I attended the youngprouk online law work experience last Tuesday and it was such an exciting experience. We were joined by firms such as Freeths, Fragomen and Charles Russell Speechlys who each gave informative and immersive insights into working in law. They promoted their apprenticeships, something I had never previously considered but such a brilliant opportunity. They delved into case studies growing my experience and knowledge about how to act as a lawyer. They spoke about all the possible areas of law you could work in great depth which allowed me to get a fantastic understanding of where I wanted to specialise.  

The areas of law are vast and varied, covering everything from criminal defence and corporate law to family law and estate planning. A criminal defence lawyer represents clients who are facing criminal charges, while a corporate lawyer works with businesses to ensure they follow the law. A family law attorney handles matters such as divorce, child custody, and adoption, while an estate planning lawyer helps clients plan for end-of-life issues such as wills and trusts. Other areas of law include immigration law, intellectual property law, and environmental law. Each area requires specialized knowledge and expertise, making it essential to choose a lawyer who has experience in the specific area needed. 

If you’re interested in this fantastic opportunity, you’re in luck! They have a solicitor apprenticeship insight even in Leicester on the 14th of April so that you can learn about working at one of the top firms in the UK and all the career pathways. If you are interested, head over to their instagram @youngprouk where you can apply!