Throughout the 2017 presidential election - Donald trump shocked the world but winning ; not by voter turnout yet by the electoral college. He maintained a 4 year presidency yet he failed to be re elected losing out to Joe Biden. On Tuesday the 4th April he was set to be charged for the breach of confidential records. 


Donald Trump has always had controversy engulfing his name, whether that be his : banning of all social media platforms , his scheme to build a wall separatinge  the US and Mexico or his some would call “lucky” presidential campaign. But Trump has always managed to stay on top of the situation and manage to get out of the firing line - yet this time he will be more than likely to have deal with federal intervention. He is facing 34 felony counts - making him the first president in US history to face criminal charges. This will cause an immense dent in his 2024 dream of re-election although it may just come at the perfect time, boosting his exposure. 



His 34 felonies are all accusations of falsifying business records influencing the 2016 elections. Hypothetically if Trump were to be convicted he would still eligible to run for 2024 presidency. Although a felony is the equivalent to a year jail sentence, as Trump is facing 34 - consequently, if found guilty, he will face the rest of his life behind bars