Burntwood School annually celebrates and embraces diverse cultures. They do this by organizing many activities for students to dive into and allowing students to learn about different countries and their cultures in classes. 

Culture week this year started on the 27th of March and ended with a huge fashion show, in which students bravely took part in. This allowed students to enjoy their last days before Easter and the exam season. 

Starting from Monday, Burntwood School Library displayed a variety of books to celebrate Culture Awareness Week and to also celebrate diversity through books. On Monday, they started off with "Refugee Boy" by Benjamin Zephaniah. Tuesday, they displayed "I am thunder and I won't keep quiet" by Muhammed Khan. Wednesday, they showed off "Iron Widow" by Xiran Jay Zhao. Thursday, the library showed "New kid" by Jerry Craft, and to end the week they showed "House of music, raising the Kanneh-Masons" by Kadiatu Kanneh-Masons. 

To celebrate diversity at Burntwood, they hosted events at lunch for students to enjoy. On Wednesday, lunchtime students had partaken in a show. The first act had started off with a student dancing to a South Asian song and to end the show 4 students danced to a range of Afro beats. 

On Friday, students and their peers took part in Burntwood's Fashion show, which was in the main hall. The fashion show consisted of students from all different backgrounds showing off their cultural clothing. The fashion show went on twice as the first one was Ramadan Friendly for those observing Ramadan and the second one was with music. 

Overall, it was evident that students and teachers enjoyed the events and were excited for the holidays. Culture Awareness week was a success and proves to be a memorable day for those who got to experience it for the last time.