Easter is a time of joy, love and hope. For Christians, Easter is the celebration of Jesus' resurrection after being crucified on the cross. Therefore, many Christians cherish this time of the year and look on hopefully towards their futures. 

However, Easter is not only celebrated by Christians, it is also thoroughly enjoyed by people from different religious backgrounds too. 

Since a 2 week holiday for Easter is allocated nationally every year, many people find this the perfect chance to go on a family trip in the beautiful Spring season. Spring is another reason why Easter is loved by many people. Spring has been seen, and still is being seen, as the season of new beginnings, joy, hope and love, for many generations. Nature also demonstrates this stereotype by allowing all of its trees, flowers and plants to blossom and further enhance the beauty of nature itself. 

One of the great things you could do this Easter, is to do a family scavenger hunt. Eggs, chicks and bunnies have all been deeply embedded into the tradition of Easter. So, chocolate eggs and a few other sweet treats could be hidden around your garden, house or maybe even around a local park. Then you and your family members could go around in search for the delicious treasures! Scavenger hunts are not just for young children, adults can partake in them too!

Another great activity to get involved in is to make some heartfelt and meaningful Easter cards for friends and family. If you are a Christian, then perhaps you may want to add in a few religious messages as well. You can still make Easter cards even if you are not a Christian, as there is no harm in spreading loving and caring messages around your community. 

There are a lot more things that you can do during Easter like baking some Easter- themed goodies, painting eggs with beautiful or funky designs, watching movies and even just simply spending valuable time with your family and friends. 

All these recommendations should have hopefully helped you decide what you want to do this Easter.

Have a wonderful Easter!