There are a range of services in the local community, where you can meet new people and learn new skills.This will give people something to look forward to, and prevent feeling isolated and alone.

The local communities within London are there to provide socialisation and having the sense of having the same interests as others that may be somone close to you or someone you have met through the community.

The British weather is mostly rainy and dull during a large portion of the year but there are many clubs for sports such as football, basketball and badminton that all can be adapted to the weather for people to have a chance to participate in their favourite sport or to encourage their friend or family member to do their best in their interest. They can be played inside and some even outside if it rains.

London have recently been trying to change in two ways, which are, cutting greenhouse gas emissions to limit further climate change, and adapting to the changes in climate and extreme weather that are already happening. Adapting will help us to reduce the impact of climate change and weather upon Londoners.

Our climate is already changing, and is expected to change even more, as a result of the amount of greenhouse gases we have released into the atmosphere. This will be experienced as changes to our average weather and the frequency and intensity of extreme weather. It is expected for summer days to be warmer then usual due to this.