One of the West End’s Newest shows, ‘Newsies’ transports the audience back to New York in 1899. With an upbeat musical score and incredible dancing, the audience is gripped straight away with examples of incredible skill and practise in every scene.


Wembley Park’s Troubadour Theatre welcomes audiences to New York’s downtown through its outward appearance as well as the dark lighting and high ceiling inside. The set is in the middle of the stage with surround seating; wherever you sit there is something different to see, making the experience a personal one. ‘Newsies’ engages the crowd even more through exploiting height and depth, with some characters singing from high up on the set’s structure, and others down low below the stage’s step. Some Newsies run through the audience or hide in the small side stages with even more surprises waiting as well, keeping the audience engaged and attentive the whole time.


The show is extremely high energy and the talent is supreme. While offering you a look on history, there is romance and brotherhood, appealing to guests of all ages and tastes. It is sensitive and joyful and plays to the hearts of all its guests. 


Key figure, Joseph Pulitzer, of the Pulitzer Prize, appears as the antagonist in the story, for raising the newspaper price, having an impact on the news children’s ability to make enough money to survive. This offers an interesting perspective to the esteemed man, who accomplished success and journalistic heroism in ripping off thousands of already poor, living off the streets children. Audiences are therefore driven to look into the history a bit more, discovering that success isn’t always achieved with integrity.


For me, I found the show very interesting and was in awe throughout due to the talent expressed. I would encourage all to visit as well, or at the very least to watch the filmed Broadway production of 2017 on DisneyPlus.