Over the Easter holidays, the weather in England isn’t that pleasant most of the time. The Easter holiday lasts roughly two weeks for most people so why not get in a quick city break or a relaxing beach holiday! You don’t have to fly for 10+ hours to experience an amazing holiday - a two to four hour flight is all you need to paradise in Europe! 


Gran Canaria is known for having temperatures around 24 degrees celsius during Easter which heavily contrasts to England’s mean temperature of 9 degrees! Gran Canaria is an ideal place to relax in the sun and to explore the island and is a four hour flight away. It is also known for having marvellous statues and parades over the Easter weekend, making it fun and festive for everyone. 


Cyprus is also the perfect destination for someone looking to enjoy the sun. Temperatures average around 22 degrees celsius so the perfect conditions for spending time outside. Easter in Cyprus is a day of celebration and people like to spend it out in nature with family and friends! Spending five to seven days in Cyprus will transform you to a tropical paradise! The flight time is three hours and fourty-five minutes so is just in reach! 


Rome, Italy is an idealistic city break. Rome is a must see and great for everyone! It is a short two and a half hour flight and temperatures of around 16 degrees. This weather is great for exploring the city, seeing the old architecture and tasting all the amazing food it has to offer! Rome can be fully experienced in three days so is a perfect escape! Easter Sunday is important to religious and secular groups in Rome, it is a day filled with activities and celebrations.


Southern France is a good place for spring skiing. The French Alps can ensure late season snow fall. This is a family friendly option and is fun holiday for everyone! The temperature does vary but will be around 3 degrees so great for skiing. The flight time is only one hour and thirty minutes! Easter in France is gorgeous, the streets will be a little busy but not overly crowded! 


Looking for somewhere to chill out in the heat or to explore a famous city during Easter, then these places listed above are highly recommended. Happy Easter!