In recent years, France has experienced a wave of riots and protests following the government's decision to increase the retirement age. The move was aimed at addressing the country's aging population and the sustainability of its social security system. However, many citizens view the decision as a violation of their rights and have taken to the streets to voice their discontent.

The protests began in 2022 when the government announced plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. Even though the bill was already opposed by many, the president provoked further democratic outrage by pushing it through parliament without a National Assembly vote, a move that many felt went beyond the bounds of his executive authority. The decision was met with immediate backlash from trade unions and citizens alike, who organized mass demonstrations across the country. The protests were initially peaceful, with participants using traditional forms of protest such as marches and sit-ins.

However, as the government remained firm in its decision, the protests began to escalate. In some cases, demonstrations turned violent, with clashes between protesters and police resulting in injuries and property damage:475 individuals are believed to have been detained and 441 police officers are said to have been injured. The unrest has continued into 2023, with some protestors taking to the streets on a daily basis.

The main concerns of the protestors are twofold. First, they argue that the increase in retirement age is unfair and discriminatory, as it disproportionately affects workers in physically demanding jobs such as construction and factory work. These workers often face health issues and are unable to continue working until the new retirement age proposed by the government.

The implications of these riots are significant for both the French government and society. The protests have highlighted the growing disconnect between the government and its citizens, particularly those who feel that their voices are not being heard. The government's response to the protests, including the use of force by police, has been criticised by residents.