For the first time ever, Piccadilly Circus has been lit up with Ramadan lights.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan switched on the lights to celebrate the occasion of Ramadan.

Khan tweeted how he "was delighted to officially switch on the West End's first Ramadan lights earlier this week." 

He then continued the tweet by saying how "London is the first major European city to have a spectacular lights display like this."

The idea came from the company Ramadan Lights UK, which aims to help spread awareness and understanding of the holiest month in the Islamic calendar of Ramadan. 

Ramadan falls on different dates each year but is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, which is based on the lunar cycle. 

The month of fasting starts when there is a sighting of the crescent moon.

Dates for Ramadan vary, however this year fasting started on the 23rd March and will end on 21st April.

The London lights, which say "Happy Ramadan" and are located on the famous london road of Coventry Street, show the increasing diversity and inclusion of London and the UK.