A Lewisham-based satirical artist has gone viral on TikTok showing his “Amazon Diorama” of the company's working conditions.

Darren Cullen collaborated with University of Essex lecturer Gavin Grindon to open the Museum of Neoliberalism and create the display, which focuses on Amazon’s working conditions, in 2019.

The 40-year-old produced a 31-second video edit of his work which recreates an “Amazon fulfilment centre” and posted it on TikTok, and it now has more than 300,000 views.

The video shows a snapshot of the display, including a bottle of Amazon employee urine, piles and stacks of Amazon boxes, a working conveyor belt and a Motorola WT-4000’ terminal which tracks and directs workers' activity.

@spellingmistakescostlive Amazon diorama at the Museum of Neoliberalism in Lewisham, south east London. I co-curated the museum with Gavin Grindon and it's been open since 2019. Free entry, open Thurs-Sun, just book a free appointment in advance at: museumofneoliberalism.com #neoliberalismo #neoliberalism #museumofneoliberalism #spellingmistakescostlives ♬ Bezos II - Bo Burnham

The text display for the bottle of urine says it is “produced by a worker in one of Amazon UK’s ‘fulfilment centres’” where “workers often urinate into bottles because going to the toilet would cause them to fall behind on their imposed targets".

It says "they also avoid drinking water at work.”⁠

Darren portrays areas of an Amazon warehouse with the video panning over a mock-up of the space, including CCTV cameras, photo backdrops and tall stacks of parcels.

The clip shows a snapshot explanation of the Motorola WT-4000, which reads: “An Amazon worker can be expected to work a ten-hour shit, walk 11 miles and can be fired for not working as fast as the device demands”.

There are also explanations of each feature of the display, and Darren said this is the first real bottle of urine to be used in an art display.

He added that the reaction to the TikTok was overwhelmingly positive.

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Darren told the News Shopper: “There's a lot to be depressed about in terms of the direction the world is going, but how switched on and politicised young people are is one nugget of hope.

 “You do get people jumping in trying to defend giant corporations though."

The video is soundtracked by comedian and satirist Bo Burnham’s “Bezos II”, referencing Amazon’s executive chairman, Jeffrey Bezos.

Darren said that he will put more documentation of his artistic process on TikTok in the future so that art could be demystified and seen as more accessible to anyone.

He also said that since the TikTok there have been more people in his museum but that the viral video has not affected how he approaches his work overall.

The most-liked comment on the TikTok says: “If a fictional evil cyberpunk company that crushed the humanity of its employees had a smirk for a logo, people would call it heavy-handed and exaggerated.”

Another adds: “I legit didn't realise this was a diorama for a second.

"Wow, amazing attention to detail."

Gavin and Darren opened the Museum of Neoliberalism themselves with the aim to “look back on neoliberalism, what it has done to our world; and what might lie beyond it”.

Amazon was approached for comment.