Keen to show Londoners just how serious he is about getting them out of their cars, Boris Johnson took in his own bicycle to get serviced by City Hall's own bike doctor.

Sean Lally visits City Hall once a month to service Greater London Authority employees' bicycles. The aim of this initiative is to encourage GLA staff to take to two wheels and cycle to work.

Johnson also used the opportunity to promote bike week in the capital, which starts on Saturday (June 14) and runs until June 22.

"We're doing everything we can to increase the number of cyclists in the capital, and this involves encouraging our own staff to cycle to work, he said.

"One of my personal aims is to encourage many more Londoners to get on their bikes, so I hope that Bike Week 2008 helps achieve this, and that all sorts of people get into the spirit of the event."

At the same time, Johnson has been urged by cycling campaigners not to make a "snap decision" to allow motorbikes to use bus lanes.

The London Cycling Campaign claim the move that could endanger the lives of cyclists and pedestrians and are to present a 3,000-name petition to the Mayor next week.

Incidentally, the mayor received a clean bill of health for his bike from the bike doctor.