At the beginning of February 2023, a series of earthquakes and tremors struck the lands of Turkey and Syria. The earthquake resulted in deaths throughout both countries as well as significant damage to infrastructure that left the countries in a turmoil that may take months or years to recover.

The impact this earthquake has had on both Turkey and Syria has make the Kahramanmaras Earthquake a significant natural disaster in history. The earthquake reached a 7.8 and a 7.5 in the second quake. Two weeks after the initial quakes, another strike occurred. This time a 6.3 quake displaced the south of Turkey and parts of Syria.

Unfortunately, the quakes have flipped the countries upside down. Damage to buildings and homes have caused 47,000 deaths and 87,000 injuries. The issues these quakes have brought have done nothing but add more to the dilemmas Syria is facing such as the refugee crisis they have been experiencing for the last 12 years. The magnitude of this earthquake was so strong, it is comparable to other severe earthquakes in the past such as the 2004 Indonesia earthquake and the 2011 Japanese earthquake.

As a result of the devastating aftermath in Turkey and Syria, the people needed emergency aid. Turkey have declared a state of emergency as the country has become completely shut down. Millions of children across Turkey and Syria have been affected by the earthquake according to UNICEF. Since February 6, 1200 UN trucks have been deployed for aid and supplies. As of the and the earthquakes, World Vision has been working with organizations to provide care and shelter for the victims of this natural disaster.